Restoration Tasks in Process or Under Active Investigation Last updated: February 17, 2007

Finish the front stairs - After waiting for 2 years for concrete rail caps, we decided to hire this work done. Wilbur Mead graciously volunteered to fund this work. The molds have been taken to Scott Rudy, a concrete contractor in Hayden. Scott has completed all 14 caps, and they are at the school site. Frank Fleming, who designed the stairs, has volunteered to install the caps. Four caps are presently temporarily in place to ensure fit. After all the caps are permanently installed, we need to stucco the stair walls, and then assemble the stairs. This work will await warmer weather in the spring. We have a stucco professional lined up to do the stucco work with our assistance as labor. All the remaining stair material (except stucco) is on hand and cut out to fit. --- 17 hours to date; $409.50

Repair the masonry - This is our next major undertaking. The original Alpine Engineering structural study identified both major and minor cracks in the masonry walls that need to be repaired. The study also specified replacing (rebuilding) 2 masonry archways; 1 in the front and 1 in the back of the building. There are 2 steel I-beam window headers in each end of the building (total of 4). The masonry beam seats for these headers have failed and need to be repaired or replaced. The stucco and brick veneer trim is also cracked in places and must be repaired after the cracks, headers, and archways are repaired. One of our members (Garey Strand) has worked with a restoration contractor in Salt Lake City (John Lambert) to determine what repair method to use and how much of this repair labor the volunteers can provide under the contractor's direction. A repair technique using proprietary (Heli-Fix) stainless steel staples was recommended by John Lambert, and has been authorized by Alpine Engineering. Funding is now needed for a trip to the site by John Lambert to finalize the detailed repair requirements, methods, materials required and cost. About $4000 is needed to fund this initial trip. --- 16 hours to date

Steel Band - The original Alpine Engineering structural study required the addition of a welded steel band around the top of building. As part of the masonry repair review, Alpine Engineering has re-designed this band to be sections bolted together rather than welded. This means we can install it ourselves after Forest Steel cuts out the pieces. This work may be done with the masonry repair since scaffolding will be set up and can be used for both. Costs have been roughly identified (well under $1000), and are affordable without a serious fund-raising effort. --- 0 hours to date; $0

Install drains along the back wall and waterproof the wall - This needs to be done to prevent moisture from entering the building from the rear, which is uphill. Moisture entering here is what ruined the previous stage. Although the new stage does not have wood directly on the ground as the old stage did, keeping the moisture out will prevent mold and eventual stage damage. One of our members (John Bentley) is investigating how to provide this drainage and its estimated cost. --- 0 hours to date; $0

Restoration Tasks Remaining; No Activity Underway at Present

  • Buy and install handrails (metal) on the front stairs.
  • Iron gates at the top of the front stairs and into the "woodshed"
  • Rebuild and re-glaze the remaining upstairs windows: SE classroom, NE classroom, NW classroom. We have already done the SW classroom windows, but will wait until the masonry is repaired to do the remainder, since the windows can not be re-installed until the masonry and window headers are repaired.

  • Rebuild the portion of the entry walk that was left unfinished when rebuilding the front stairs.
  • Rebuild the entry roof, which was cut to provide scaffolding access for fascia and eave work.
  • Replace (possibly rebuild) existing exterior doors: 2 main upper entrance, 2 in the "woodshed", 1 lower front entrance, 1 rear upper entrance
  • Redesign the wiring - upstairs and downstairs
  • Better security system
  • Refurbish the kitchen
  • Refurbish or rebuild the N outhouse
  • Install a septic system
  • Design and build a restroom, including a rear lower outside exit door
  • Refinish the flooring in the lower storey
  • Design and install a heating and ventilation system
  • Drywall the upstairs
  • Finish the upstairs trim, including blackboards
  • Insulate
  • Exterior landscaping and lighting